Journey Through My Crazy Life






10. Baby shower invitations now hold the same appeal as an emergency root canal.

9. You get livid when your husband masturbates during your fertile window.

8. Your iPhone’s camera roll is filled with pictures of ovulation tests. Taken through multiple filters.

7. When you see a glass of apple…


All of this.


All of this.

Can we just fast forward to the point where I’m pregnant now?

I don’t much care if you breastfed your kid until they started kindergarten, or if you fed them formula from day one. I don’t really care if you turned your infant car-seat forward-facing prior to age 2, or if you homeschool, or if you send your kids to daycare while you go to work. Do you cosleep? Did you circumcise your son? I DON’T CARE. Do you babywear? Push your kid around in a stroller? Use a leash for your kid at Disneyland? Whatever. Good for you.

When it comes to issues of motherhood, there is one issue I care about: some kids don’t have one. All of these petty wars about the choices of capable, loving mothers is just a lot of white noise to me, Quite honestly, I’m often astonished at the non-essential parenting issues I see moms getting their panties in a wad about. Particularly when there are so many kids in this world not being parented at all.

Kristen Howerton, Rage Against the Minivan (via bringinghomebebe)

Had to repost! Its so true.

1 week down…..about a million more to go

So needless to say we didnt get to ease into parenthood. The kids were dropped off at about 10:30pm last friday night and life has been a whirlwind ever since! They have adjusted fairly well considering what they’ve been through. Daycare drop offs are hard and bedtime is hard. But there are so many smiles and laughs throughout the day that it makes the tears worth while. We’ve been trying to get them into our routine and we are getting there day by day! But this life is all new to them….and to us. So we are all adjusting.
Our 18month old girl “Punkin” has a smile that melts your heart and makes all of my stress and exhaustion dissipate.
Our 3 year old girl “Diva” is literally a princess. Currently she is Princess Anna (from frozen). Life seems to revolve around her.
And our 7 year old has yet to have a nickname. I still haven’t figured him out yet. He’s smart and sweet and considerate of his sisters. And his favorite words are “I love you”. But he’s also sneaky and knows what to say to get his way. He is a junk food fanatic and almost cleaned out our pantry by day 2! But thats all 7 year olds i believe.
Later today when hubby gets home from work we are going to venture out to Kohls with their clothing vouchers and get them all new wardrobes :)

The First Night….

…was a success!! We had some tears from one of the girls. But by 12:30 we were finally all in bed sleeping :)
I hear some stirring over the baby monitor but I’m gonna give them a few more minutes to wake up and try to remember where they are before i go in the bedroom :)

Kids are coming! Kids are coming!!!!

What?!?! We got a call!! We are getting kids!! This is actually happening!! I cannot believe this is actually happening!!!! They will be here tonight!

Oh my goodness!!!!

Licensed to… love, protect, heal, strengthen, comfort, teach, uplift, encourage, nourish, guide, inspire, cherish, FOSTER.
Unknown (via adoptionbuzz)
I’m doing my best, please be understanding. Please be gentle. Please don’t rush me…

I’m doing my best, please be understanding. Please be gentle. Please don’t rush me…

Goodbye Son

Well, it’s unfortunate that I have to type these words, but the system sucks, and clearly we were misled. The boys’ caseworker found a different family for the boys. Even after we were “promised” them, our visits were stopped and were placed on hold.
Something that we learned about the system is that NOTHING is for sure. These caseworkers are not our friends. They don’t really care about Foster familes as much as they only care about the kids they have to place. Which I do understand to an extent.
So here we are, back at square 1.
Licking our wounds.
Childless again.
And waiting for a call for more kids.
Such is the life of a foster parent though….